5 Ways To Improve Your Social Media Engagement with PROOF

It does not matter what type or size of business you are running. Improving engagement on social media can be an ongoing and tedious task. It can be a chore for even the most tech-savvy blog writer. However, if you desire to achieve any result on social media, proper strategy and establishing engagement is very important.
5 Ways To Improve Your Social Media Engagement with PROOF

What is social media engagement and how can you improve it?

Social media engagement means the ability to connect with your targeted audience by the use of social media websites. For example, let’s suppose you posted or shared something on social media. Any response in the form of likes, comments or questions is considered as an engagement. You can increase social media engagement in many forms. These include likes, tags, comment, follows, click, up-votes, replies, +1s, views, shares and re-tweets. The trick here is to post intelligent questions or contribute honest feedback to someone else’s post. If you simply just write fluff post, you will never truly earn any engagement. Create honest posts that just beg for some kind of response.

Mainly, engagement is a conversation and that builds trustworthy impact in a customer’s mind. It is more than just simply a discussion. Perhaps you are defining your social media marketing strategies for your brands. Maybe just want to enhance your personal presence. If so, this article is directed at you. Here I have compiled the following five ways to improve engagement with social media. Above all else, remember that engagement is the key.

1. Be Present on Social Media

Your presence on social media is most important to your brand promotion. There are number of methods that can help you to be active on social media. Sharing or talking about you or your business on your profile or company page is not enough. Being present on social media equals to actively participating in various discussions. This will take some time.

You can join LinkedIn Groups, Facebook groups and Google+ communities to share your knowledge and services. This is because it is the best way to interact or engage with new people. You must interact with more people in the form of comments on social media groups. It’s the proven way to create and expand your network. Hence, this method will help to connect to similar businesses, other business professionals and potential clients.

On Twitter, you can participate in various Twitter chats hosted by various brands. This will indeed help you to get new followers. Getting involved in discussions also helps to showcase your expertise and build your personal brand. Hence, the more involved the discussion, the more memorable your brand will be.

Best way to get engagement on social media is to be engaging on social media” – Darren Rowse



Here you can observe that Nick Carita has asked an interesting question in Facebook groups related to social media certification. As a result, you can plainly see that this group’s members are actively suggesting answers to his question. If such questions fall in your expertise, go ahead and answer them.

Whenever you comment on such posts, other people who “like” or “comment” will get a notification on their wall with your name. Does this help create your own personal branding? Yes it does.

2. Showcase Customer Reviews and Testimonial

Whenever you receive a review or testimonial about your products or services, you can or share it to your page. It helps to create brand identity and makes a reliable impact in your customer’s mind. As a result, it also allows your customers to know that their feedback is valued and considered. Such loyalty converts into reviewers to lifetime followers. Make sure to keep your testimonials honest and accurate. Your guests are well-traveled on the Internet. Many can easily see if a testimonial is one written by the actual business owner or by a true satisfied customer.

However, you might ask, “How does it help me to increase an engagement?” It helps you indirectly. People always love attention. So, make them the focus of attention on your social media profiles. When you do, they’re more likely to share on their own as well. Such actions do your word-of-mouth marketing in their friends and networks for you. A testimonial is like throwing a pebble into a pond. Once cast, you will see ripples cascading across the pond’s surface. Thus is the way of this kind of promotion. A proper testimonial will make waves long after the initial stone is cast.


Harsh Agrawal is a leading Pro-Blogger, having more than half-million followers. He never misses thanking his followers whenever he gets a testimonial or customer feedback in any form of communication. Also, he is not only sharing such reviews on his single social network but also shares on all his social media profiles.

Getting likes, comments, shares and +1 definitely helps him to generate a positive impact amongst his fans and followers. Here, he has nicely thanked Prashant for this wonderful email to him.

3. Increase Engagement With Suspense & Questions

Social media is the best place for marketing. However, if it’s not used properly, it can become boring and ineffective. The best way to increase engagement among your social media fans is to create suspense. Your social media followers always want to see some excitement in your posts. This may not always be possible on a daily basis. Hence, you should try to create some sense of excitement using suspense about your new products, services or business. Consider thinking what is going on in the current pop culture at the moment. You could craft a post that caters to what is going on now. However, be very careful not to post anything argumentative or political. These kinds of posts have no place on your business page.

In my previous blog post, I have explained how suspense can help to increase engagement. Asking questions to your followers or audience is another best way to get them active on social media. You can ask about advice, provide ideas related content or ask just general questions. Create suspense by asking questions that will create curiosity for your customer and get more engagement with your post.


When it comes to creating suspense, the latest Indian blockbuster movie Baahubali is the perfect example of it. The producer of the Baahubali had created a number of short promotional marketing videos. With these videos, he shared them periodically on their official Facebook pages. He planned so that it showed some hints about the movie, but only enough to encourage more curiosity. Before the movie’s release, they very wisely shared countdown videos like the one above. This helped immensely to keep the suspense alive. We all now know how successful it was.

The producer of Baahubali took this a step further. He has created even more suspense for this next release by answering the question “Why Kattappa killed Baahubali?” As a result, the question became the viral question sensation of the whole nation.

4. Don’t Be Serious Every Time

Everyday talking about your business or products on your profile and company page reduces your existing customers’ interest. Your followers love to follow when they get some interesting things from you. Be cool to them. The world has lots of good things. Therefore share some funny articles, stunning images or cool videos to keep your followers’ interest alive. You could even ask some silly questions to them to have some funny engaging moments.

Leading social media marketing blogs suggest sharing 1 post related to your business out of 5 posts you shares. So, rather talking about your services every time, try to be diversified in your content sharing. Focus on your customers’ interest to keep engagement long-lived. It is found that 85% interaction on Facebook and 35% on Twitter is made up of images. Share informative images or tell a story to attract people to engage with them. Likewise, video content is also the best format that encourages your audience to participate in conversion.

Palm cover


Darren Rowse, a ProBlogger & founder of numerous online businesses, used to share amazing articles from various blogs along with his own ProBlogger Podcasts on his Google+ profile. He not only always talks about his digital photography school, but also shares some of his personal life events with his followers & fans.

As we see here, he shared a small video sequence about his children playing on Palm cover. It got 188+ likes and 22+ comments. It’s almost 65% higher than his other posts. Therefore, do not hesitate to share non-business related stuff on your business pages. We are not born to do business 24/7. Keep your pages lively. However, be smart about it. You are the host and you should be a gracious host. Remember, it’s your duty to not only sell but entertain your guest. For that is what they are. Honored guests.

5. Be an Active Listener

Increasing engagement about your services does not always mean to keep talking about it on social media. You need to be a good listener too. Remember, people are going to share both positive and negative things about your brand. Therefore, you must have to keep an eye watching those posts. You are basically the High Overseer over your little social media universe. Nothing should escape your watchful eyes. An active listener does not only keep track of what is going on in their world. He reacts as a force of positive change for your brand.

For all positive remakes, re-share or re-tweet on your social media profile. This is key if you want to gain other customer’s trust. For negative posts or complaints about your brands, always remain active and prepared to answer them. If it’s really your service’s fault, don’t hesitate to say sorry. People are generally more mature enough to understand the circumstances. Therefore, your prompt answer to such comments increases your loyalty and helps you to make your service better. Also, you customers will feel like they are getting more brand value for their money.


Here you can see that how Todd Lyden asked the question on Twitter related to SocialPilot features. An expert from SocialPilot implemented their query and provided the best features as soon as possible. Therefore, listen to customer’s opinions and leave a reply that builds trust and they will feel good about you.

Building trust through replies is a learned skill. It’s something you can refine and master in order to learn to do better. Always pay attention to comments and replies. They will pay so many dividends back to you in the long run.

So, what are you thinking now? Apply this new strategy to your social media. As a result, it will keep you engaged with your audience. Let us know how these useful these tips have been for you. If you enjoyed reading this, please share your experiences and insights in the comment box below. We are looking forward to sharing any best practices you may have. We wish you the best of luck in all of your marketing endeavors.

Manvi Agarwal

Marketing Strategist| Customer- Client Success at SocialPilot
Manvi Agarwal is a Marketing Strategist and Client-Partner Acquisition Manager at SocialPilot.She reaches out to social media users across the globe and implements strategies that keep them engaged.Social Media is Manvi's niche area in which she employs an interactive user-oriented strategy, and she loves exploring this industry’s tips, tricks, and latest developments. Besides social media, Manvi loves traveling the world, experiencing new things, and trying new foods!This makes sense since her skill is in writing about engaging social media trends in the form of easily digestible blogs.


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