Thinking of contributing blog post?

Since we have begun, we have got an enormous amount of inquiries regarding guest blogging and other creative opportunities at SocialPilot. It has been an exciting journey for us and we thank you for your interest in contributing blog! Also, we love creative pieces, a new perspective and believe unique content creation is like art. It’s always nice to get a fresh voice.

If you are interested in contributing a guest post for SocialPilot, please go through the following process.

General Guidelines

  • Always ask: “How can readers benefit from this?”
  • Is your article scannable?
  • Authors must have a track record of writing great content.
  • The content must be detailed and unique.
  • Have a killer SEO driven title

Recommended Topics:

  • How To’s Guide
  • Marketing Tips and Insights
  • Social Media Marketing Hacks
  • Numbered/Bulleted Lists

Focus Areas:

  • Social Media
  • Lead Generation
  • Marketing


  • Keep the first paragraph interesting which lets the reader want to read ahead
  • 1500+ words
  • Images/graphs are highly encouraged to break up text
  • Use atleast 4 to 5 relevant images to make it more engaging.
  • Make sure the images should be relevant screenshots or example images of the content you have written
    (use high-quality image-830×460)
  • Use Bucket Brigades in between or starting to keep the audience engaged
  • First person user tone
  • User benefits driven sub headings(keywords search based)
  • Use realistic bullet points to grab attention
  • Free of typos, grammatical errors and jargon
  • Keep paragraphs short, not more than 7 lines
  • Include atleast 5 relevant internal links and make sure they are not of our competitors
  • Use quotes, images and statistics to prove what you are writing


  • Share a quick 3-4 sentence biography, links to social media, and headshot along with your submission

How to Contact us:

Send an e-mail to with following details

  • Tell us briefly who you are
  • Share the topics you have in mind
  • Add a couple of links to your best posts