Client Connect

Client Connect: No more credential exchange

Especially for digital marketing agencies and professionals, it can be very difficult to get access of their clients’ social media accounts and manage them. To save time and make the client’s experience much easier, SocialPilot created a wonderful innovation called Client Connect. Here, you no longer have to wait to get aclient’s account credentials or to become an admin to manage their profile and pages.

Easily Invite Your Clients

You can effortlessly invite your clients using the Client Connect feature by adding their name and email address. As the invitation is sent, the client will receive an email notification. With this, they can login with SocialPilot using the unique password provided to them.

Easily invite your Clients

No Credential Access + Your Brand Name

No Credential Exchange + Your Brand Name

The best part of Client Connect is, you can showcase your own brand logo instead of SocialPilot’s logo and you don’t need the client to exchange their account credentials or make you an admin to manage their accounts. Once the client logs in, they can connect their social media accounts on their own without sharing the details. It will directly be added into your accounts list so you can easily start creating and scheduling for these accounts.

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