Content Suggestions & Custom Feeds

Content Suggestions and Add Custom Feeds

It is vital that you always share fresh content for your followers to read, view, and digest. With SocialPilot, you will never run out of new content to share. Our social media management tool can suggest you relevant content for you to share from the Internet.

This tool also allows you to add feeds so that you conveniently select content from them directly to share on your wall or timeline.


Get Suggestions to Post New and Fresh Content

It is critical, for us social media geeks, to promote and share new and unique content to engage and generate more traffic. With SocialPilot, you do not have to worry one bit anymore about generating and posting new things on your accounts. This tool’s suggestion feature will provide you all the recommendations and feeds of relevant content so that you can share it with your fans and followers to keep them in the loop with the latest happenings around the globe.
Fresh Content Suggestions


Curate Content from the Internet Painlessly

Gathering relevant and good quality content to share might simply be a tedious task for all social media managers. With SocialPilot, you can curate content from the Internet in a very trouble- free manner.

The content will be segregated according to various categories and segments, such as Travel, Startups, Business, and Technology. This way you can sort and select the ones you like in a convenient manner.

What’s more, you can schedule this content for posting so that you stay on top of the game. With SocialPilot you can conveniently schedule up your feed content as well if you want to keep your viewers and audience happy with the latest news.
Content Curation for Smart Marketers

Content Curation: Schedule & Share Fresh Content to
Keep Your Audience Engaged!

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