Social Media Analytics

Social Media Analytics to Measure Efforts and Improve Engagement

Powerful, yet, easy to understand social media analytics to help you sharpen your social media strategy. Make informed decisions by understanding what works and what doesn’t. Know your audience better and tailor your strategy to engage them more.

SocialPilot enables you to use data-driven social media strategy to get better leads and conversions.

Powerful Social Media Analytics & Complete Overview

Get a complete and latest view of the state of your Facebook Pages and Twitter Profiles. See key metrics like how many fans and followers you have, the number of posts and tweets you posted, total engagement on your posts and tweets, and much more.

Compare this data with previous periods to see your progress and also check historic data to get a perspective. Check Your Analytics Now!

Premium Social Media Reports: See what engages your fans and followers

See what engages your audience and what resonates the most with your fans. Drill down to post and tweet level to understand likes, shares, reach and engagement ratio for each post and tweet.

Also, see the performance breakdown by the type of content posted i.e. text, images, links, etc.

Once you know what type of content works with your audience, reshare the same content or find similar content to share from our stream of fresh and curated posts. Check Your Report Now!

Measure & Improve Your Social Media Engagement

Get the daily insights on the ways audience engaged with your content to understand your busiest days and quiet periods.

For Facebook pages, see the breakdown of number of likes, shares and comments for each day of the selected time frame. Also see how this period performed as compared to the previous period. Similarly, for your Twitter profiles, get daily insights of retweets, favorites, and replies.

Analyze the trend to find out crest and troughs in engagement and use this pattern to time your content better. Analyze Your Engagement Now!

Social Demography: Improve Your Audience Segmentation

Get to know your audience better through the demographic details. Understand what countries your audience comes, what age group your audience is and what is the breakdown of your audience by male and female.

Analyzing social demography to improve your audience segmentation. Plan your content and posts better by utilizing this improved segmentation of gender, age group and location to maximize engagement and increase organic reach. Analyze Your Audience Demography Now!

Know Your Fans – Likers, Sharers and Commenters

Get a better understanding of engagement type by your most active audience. See which top fans are actively liking your content and thus can connect with your brand and page more positively.

Understand who are the sharers – you can actively tag them while posting your next post to increase sharing. Also know the commentators better and engage with them in conversations that might be of interest to them. Check Your Top Fans Now!

Monitor Your Audience Growth

Check how many fans you gain and lose each day for your Facebook pages on a daily basis. Also understand if the growth is organic or paid.

By analyzing daily audience growth, you can discover which content or what campaigns are working the best. Once you know whether the fan acquisition are acquired organically or inorganically, you can double down on corresponding engagement method and further gain momentum and brand recognition. Check Your Audience Growth Now!

Best Time to Post on Social Media

Know when are your fans the most active at each hour of the day. Also, understand what days your fans the most active are on – a weekday, weekend, or a combination of the two.

Once you know the exact days and times your fans are online the most, you can schedule your Facebook posts accordingly to increase the engagement.

Take into consideration the various time zones that your audience might be in, and make the best out of your scheduling efforts. Check Your Optimal Time Now!

Twitter Mentions: Know Your Advocates and Influencers

Find out your most active advocates and influencers on Twitter. Understand how many times you have been mentioned and how many advocates mentioned you.

Find out how the tweets mentioning you performed overall. See who is mentioning you the most and engage with them to ultimately increase your conversion rate. Know Your Influencers Now!

Popular #Hashtags

At a glance, get a complete picture of which hashtags work the best for your content and your audience. The size of a hashtag in the cloud indicates the amount of engagement the corresponding content generates.

Understanding which hashtags resonate well with your audience in your industry, and use them effectively to drive better engagement and better traffic. Find Your Popular #Hashtags Now!

Social Media Analytics: Take Out The Guess Work and See What Works

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