SocialPilot: An easy alternative to Hootsuite

SocialPilot is here to alleviate of all your social media woes. Ushering in the ease of automating your campaigns across all channels, SocialPilot is an app ahead of its time. Here, we propose a superb alternative to Hootsuite. Here’s what we offer:

Schedule bulk posts with Images

Schedule Bulk Posts With Images

Visual content is at the cornerstone of a social media campaign. Hootsuite poses a complicated issue when you are scheduling bulk posts with images along with a post on your social media channels using a CSV file. It schedules and posts the content, however it runs into problems since the images sometimes won’t get posted. Facebook and RSS feeds end up only getting the textual part of the content.

With SocialPilot, we have made it simpler to integrate visual content seamlessly into your posts that you can schedule as per your needs. This means our app can handle images and video with the greatest of ease. SocialPilot allows you to schedule bulk posts with easy image integration in each post. Simply upload your posts on SocialPilot and you can refine them as you go. We understand your needs and design our features to empower your social media awareness across channels even when using multiple accounts.

Custom Facebook Branding

If you are using a social media-marketing tool like Hootsuite and have shared something on Facebook, then it shows “Published by Hootsuite” with your post. It looks frustrating to see someone else’s brand name on your profile or page. SocialPilot does this by default. However, SocialPilot has an alternative option available when you want to showcase your own brand.

Allow your posts to not only be a tool, but also the hero of your brand. SocialPilot enables you to make the most of your audience’s attention. Promote your brand in your post by using our salient feature – Custom Facebook Branding. Instead of seeing the app receive the credit, watch as your brand’s name takes center stage as star of the show.

Custom Facebook Branding
Collaboration made easy

Collaboration Made Easy

Working with a large team can get a bit difficult if you are using Hootsuite. It only supports a maximum of 10 members in the Pro version. If you require more than 10 members, you will have to switch over to the Enterprise version of Hootsuite. This can become a hassle in of itself.

Let’s bring everyone on the same page! SocialPilot is your hub for collaborative working.

While you are managing the show, easily include your team members and allow them to contribute in the campaigns. SocialPilot allows you to invite everyone working on the campaign under one umbrella. Can you imagine one app making it easier than ever to collaborate and coordinate with everyone? Plus our flexible plans go easy on your budget.

Why wait? Experience the brilliant side of social media campaign management with SocialPilot and it’s amazing features.

Tailor Made to Fit Your Budget

Is your social media campaign burning a massive hole in your pocket? Hootsuite further increases your expenditures. The subscription for the pro version of Hootsuite would blow the budget right through the roof. Not to mention, there are additional charges for creating custom URLs or using a custom URL shortener. Those charges can add up very quickly, putting your budget at dire risk.

Well, we are here to trim down these extra expenditures. Don’t spend a fortune on your social media scheduling anymore. Our customizable plans and easy to use interface allows you to make sure that you enjoy a tailor-made subscription model on the go. Everything you need is just a click away with SocialPilot.

Tailor made to fit your budget



Social Media Profiles Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest,
Instagram, Tumblr, Xing, Vk
Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Tumblr, Youtube
Connected Profiles Up to 200 Up to 50

Custom FB Branding

Shows “Published by Your Brand Name”

Shows “Published by Hootsuite”
Bulk Scheduling with Image

Price / month (billed monthly)

Start with $4.99

Start with $10.00
Social Media Calendar
Invite Clients
Browser Extension Integrated with Facebook, Twitter and Canva Integrated with Facebook and Twitter
Team & Collaboration
Content Suggestion
RSS Feed Automated+Manual Automated
Link Shortening
Support Chat + Email Chat + Email
Mobile Apps
API Integration

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