What is bulk scheduling?

Bulk scheduling is an easy way to create multiple posts using simple CSV or Text files. All you need is to simply prepare a list of posts in your favorite text editor (e.g., Microsoft Word) and upload it into SocialPilot. At SocialPilot, we will show you the preview of all your bulk posts and allow you to select accounts to which you want it to be queued or scheduled. Check out our “get-started” video to know more about bulk scheduling.

How can I use bulk scheduling?

Bulk scheduling with SocialPilot is a 3-step process: Upload, Preview and Select accounts. You can get the step-by-step process on our bulk scheduling blog post.

You can also find how to use date and time for scheduling a post in CSV file with our another blog post.


What should be the format of CSV file?

The CSV file should contain these 3 columns:

  • First Column: It should be your post content which you want to share along with your URL.
  • Second Column: It should be URL of your image if you want to share content as an image-type post. You can leave it blank for a text-type post.
  • Third Column: It should be date and time field that allows you to schedule a post at a specific time. You can leave it blank if you want to add it to the sharing queue.