What is the Client Connect feature about?

Client Connect is a feature that eliminates the wait for admin access or the need to have the client’s account credentials to manage their accounts and pages. With this feature, you only need to add your client’s name and email address. After he connects with his accounts, they will be directly added into your list. You can easily manage those accounts without the accounts credentials or admin access.

How to Invite Clients?

Once you add the client’s name and email address, you have the option to select whether you want to post into your client’s account with the default setting or instead use a Custom FB Branding setting. That means if you select the default setting option, the posts will have the link ‘Published by SocialPilot’ featured. If you choose Custom FB branding option, it will be posted by that brand’s name (e.g., ‘Published by DigiFab’).

What access does the client have?

Once the client logs in with the invitation link and unique password sent to him, his next step is to connect his accounts and pages that he wants to give access to the Account Manager.

What the client can’t do?

  • The client doesn’t have access to delete his connected accounts once connected. He needs to contact the Account Manager if he wants to delete a particular account.
  • The client doesn’t have access to view the Account Manager’s connected accounts and other clients either. He can only view these connected accounts in his client panel.
  • Once the client has connected his accounts and has given access to the Account Manager he doesn’t have access to delete or approve the posts to be shared in his connected accounts. If he wants to delete the shared posts he needs to do that manually.