How can I add RSS feed in my account?

You can add an RSS feed by clicking the Add Feed link from the sidebar. It will open up a web page with a few fields to enter. In the feed URL field, you have to provide an RSS feed URL of a publisher.

In most cases, your feed URL will look like this: or

What is “Frequency”?

Frequency refers to the time delay we use to check for new content on a respective feed, e.g. “By every 6 hours” refers that we keep checking for new articles on your provided feed URL at intervals of every 6 hours (4 times a day). If any new article is found, it will be read according to the mentioned ‘Number of Posts’.

If your RSS publishes a lot of articles every hour, you should select the “Every 6 hours” option.
If your RSS publishes less than 1 article a day, “Every 24 hours” is more form fitting option to choose.

What is “Append Hashtag” in the feed form?

It’s a unique feature provided by SocialPilot to add 2 random hashtags from your hashtags list. When we get any new content from your respective RSS feed URL, we will append 2 hashtags to it while sharing it on Twitter or Facebook so it gets more visibility.

Can I stop feed automation for a time being?

Yes, you can stop feed automation by clicking on “Active” link from Manage Feeds page.