What is group?

A group is a collection of your connected user accounts. You can use the group to differentiate your multiple accounts. For example, let’s say you have connected your Facebook profile with hundreds of different Facebook groups. You can differentiate those connected accounts in multiple groups like “Technology Groups”, “Political Groups”, etc.

How can groups help me?

Groups can help you select multiple accounts easily on various pages of SocialPilot. Let’s pretend you have configured over 50 different accounts. It’s hard enough to sort through, identify and select accounts when you have so many. This makes the options to Create Post, Share SuggestionsAdd Feed big chores and can become very time consuming. It is here where groups can help you. Once you have all of your accounts separated into easy to navigate groups, finding the accounts you need is a snap! Simply select the respective group and all its associated accounts will be selected automatically. It will make SocialPilot easy to navigate and use.

Can one account be added to more than one group?

There are no such restrictions on how many groups each account can be part of in SocialPilot.

If I delete a group, will all associated accounts be deleted?

No. Groups are independent of accounts. All associated accounts will remain untouched if a group is deleted.