How do I add Instagram to my SocialPilot dashboard?

Log in to your SocialPilot account (or sign up for one). Once you have logged in, click on the “Connect Account” selection from the sidebar. The next actions are exactly the same, as you would complete for the other social media networks. Simply click on the “Reminder for Instagram” icon to add your Instagram account. It will open a small pop-up asking for a username. Add your Instagram username. For more information, check out our blog: How SocialPilot works for Instagram.

How “Reminder” for Instagram works with SocialPilot?

Just as with other social media posts, you will need to create a post from SocialPilot panel. On your scheduled post time, we will send you a push notification on your mobile device. Once you tap on the push notification, we will download your scheduled image and copy your caption to the clipboard. We will also show you the preview for it in our mobile app. Once you are ready, you need only to hit the button from the app and we will open an Instagram app with your image.

Once inside the Instagram app, you can apply filters to the image or tag users and a location. The caption you have composed in SocialPilot for this image was already copied to your device’s clipboard. Simply paste this content into your caption field on Instagram.

Do I need to download your Mobile Apps for Instagram “Reminder”?

Yes, You need to install our mobile app to receive a push notification for the reminder. You can download our Android App from Google play store and iOS app from iTunes Store.

Where is my image caption in the Instagram app?

When you tap on our push notification, the caption is automatically copied to your device clipboard. After you are directed to the Instagram app, tap into the caption box and then tap again to paste the copied caption.