What is custom FB branding?

Whenever something is shared on Facebook using SocialPilot, Facebook shows our brand name with your post content. Sometimes it can be irritating and even confusing to show SocialPilot’s name on your profile or groups. SocialPilot has taken steps to allow users to have use of their own brand name when any content is shared using SocialPilot on their profile or groups. We call this feature “Custom FB Branding“.

Once you setup your Facebook application with SocialPilot, you will need to connect/reconnect your Facebook profile or groups using the “Connect Account” page. It is necessary to make sure that you click on your app name for the authentication process.

Why do I need FB branding?

Whenever you share something on Facebook using 3rd party tools, Facebook shows its name with your post.

Creative Hotsuit
As shown in the above example, if you are using a tool like SocialPilot and share something on Facebook group or profile, it will show “Published by SocialPilot” with your post.

By using our Facebook branding feature, you will be able to share something with your own brand name as shown in the second image, “Published by Creative Glance”, instead of the standard tool name (SocialPilot).

I did FB branding but my posts still come up from SocialPilot?
  • Delete your already connected FB accounts.
  • Go to Connect Account -> Click on Connect a Page or Profile -> Click on your app name.
  • It will take you to Facebook for authentication. Once you’ve finished authentication, try sharing the posts. After these steps, it will show your app name.