What is post?

A post contains text or image (a Facebook status update, for example) that you submit to a social network for others to see. If you write a single piece of content and share it to 10 different social network accounts through SocialPilot, then it is considered to be 10 posts that happen to have the same content.

How do I post?

There are few simple steps to start posting your content. First, you need to connect your social media account from the Connect Account page. To add a post:

  • Click on Create Post from sidebar menu.
  • Write content that you wish to share.
  • Select from your list of account(s) on which you would like to share your content.
  • Click on “Add to Queue” to add this post in queue to share later.
  • Click on “Share Now” to share content immediately on your social media accounts.
  • Click on “Share Next” to share content first on the list of your queued posts.
  • Click on “Schedule Post” to schedule your post for future date and time.

If you want to share an image post:

  • Click on “Share as Image” option and choose image from your desktop


How do I post my content immediately?

Start writing your post, as you would do normally. Once you have finished, select accounts to share content with. Click on the down arrow at the right of the ‘Add to Queue’ button. Here you will have the option to “Share now”. Select this option to immediately post the content on the selected social media accounts.


How does the “queue” option work in SocialPilot?

Content sharing queue works on the basic account. You can assign multiple time slots for each day for each account. To simplify this, see the image below.


As per the above image, consider the fact that 14 posts are in queue and the first post will share on Friday at 1:00 p.m.; the 2nd post will share on 10:00 p.m. while the 3rd post will share on Saturday at 3:30 p.m. If there are no posts in the queue after that, the slots in the schedule will remain unused.

How do I schedule a post for an exact day and time in the future?

Start writing your post as you normally do. Once you finished writing your content and select the account to share content with, Click on “down” arrow from Add to Queue button.

Here you will have an option to “Schedule post”. Selecting that link will show a calendar to select a date and time. Click on the schedule button to schedule this post to share at your given date and time.

How can I post an image?

To share an image on one or more of your configured social accounts, you merely have to select the ‘share as image’ option from the Create Post page. Lastly, select the respective image from your local PC or device to share.


Should I share content in Facebook groups where I am a member of?

No. You only can share on Facebook groups where you are an admin. Facebook has changed their Group sharing API policy on Feb 2015 to disable content sharing in Facebook groups where you are a member of.

Why I can’t see Image in my post preview, what can I do?

SocialPilot previews images from the open graph meta tag of the web page you are sharing. If the web page does not use anog:image meta tag, SocialPilot cannot show its preview. If you are the site owner, you will need to make some modifications to the page to accommodate open graph meta tag.

Why are some of my posts showing under “Error” tab? What is wrong?

There are chances that some of your posts are being rejected by respective social networking websites. This can happen because of a variety of reasons. All such posts are shown under “Error” tab with an error message so you can fix the content error and re-share or reschedule it. Some reasons you may have to investigate are:

  • There are chances that your authorization token may expire. The common fix for this issue is you need to reconnect your account with SocialPilot.
  • There may be something wrong in your account at that specific social media website. You may have violated their terms and conditions.
  • You may try to post a long text that exceeds their character limit (e.g., Twitter can only strictly have up to 140 characters).
  • You may try to share large images which certain social networking website do not allow. Be sure to look through that social network’s FAQ for specifics on their uploading standards and limits.
  • You may not have access to configured groups or pages after your authorization with SocialPilot.
Why are my posts showing under the “Unscheduled” tab?

There are main two reasons for this:

  • You may have added a post into the queue but you have not specified account level time slots. In such a case, you will need to go to Manage Account -> Click on Edit with the respective account -> Add the appropriate time slots.
  • You may have scheduled more posts than your account limit. These posts cannot be delivered and they will move to the unscheduled tab.


How can I set my account so that no posts go out?

You can turn on/off post sharing of all your scheduled post from the top “Running/Paused” button. This button will immediately stop sending schedule posts. If you click on the “Running” control at the top of SocialPilot, changing it to “paused”, then sharing of posts will not occur. You can continue adding your post to queue but nothing will be released until the control is changed back to “Running”. This is a good option to consider if you do not want any posts sent out until you have completed writing your content for them.


Why are my posts going out at the wrong time?

Usually selecting the wrong time zone setting in your account causes this. To correct this, click on the Setting link from the header and select the “Change Timezone” option. It will open an interface to select your desired time zone.


Can I share video?

At this time we do not offer video content scheduling. We are currently working on this feature and hope to have it soon on our platform. Be ready for future announcements.