How does Team Feature work?

With our ‘Growth Hacker’ and ‘Business’ plans, you are able to add a new team member as either a Manager or a Content Scheduler.

  • A Manager can add updates to your SocialPilot account just as you are able. They also have access to change your posting schedule. In addition, the Manager would also have the ability to approve the content that the Content Scheduler has added into SocialPilot. By visiting the ‘Contributed Posts’ tab for a social account within the dashboard, the Manager would be able to view, edit, approve, or delete the content.
  • A Content Scheduler has limited access when compared to the Manager level. A Scheduler has limited powers when it comes to content. The Content Scheduler can indeed write, edit or even delete his or her own post but the update won’t be added to queue until the manager or an admin approves it. In short, their posts require approval by a manager or an admin.
  • You can invite your team members to each of your social profiles, depending on which profiles you want each of them to have access to. Simply add the name and email of your team members, select the accounts and access level. You can assign the team member the level of ‘Manager’ or ‘Contributor’.

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Who can use ‘Team feature’?

‘Team Feature’ is particularly useful for digital marketing agencies, entrepreneurs, and consultants working with multiple clients and marketing groups as well.

How many members can I add?

With our ‘Growth Hacker’ plan, you may add up to 5 team members. With our ‘Business’ level plan, you may add up to 20 team members.

How do I remove a team member from my account?

To remove a team member from your account, you will want to jump to your dashboard. Next, you need to click on the ‘Manage Team Members’ in the right sidebar. Here you will see a ‘Delete’ option along with the Add Team Member option. Once you select the ‘Delete’ action, the team member is immediately removed.

When the team member has logged in, it shows as a ‘Free’ plan. Why is this?

When you invite any of your team members, we automatically create their own SocialPilot accounts and set them up in the ‘Free’ level plan. If they choose, they may connect their own 3 social media profiles and share up to 10 posts per day. However, they will still be able to manage all your assigned account and create posts till your post quota is reached. The ‘Free’ plan limit applies to his or her connected accounts only and not yours.